DAFTAR NEGARA ASAL BERBAGAI MERK SEPEDA , dikesempatan kali ini kami akan berbagi info mengenai sepeda buatan mana dari berbagai merk diantaranya yaitu ::








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Dan inilah adalah daftar produsen sepeda gunung, balap, bmx, lipat,
onthel, listrik, sepeda anak Yang Bagus Buatan Mana

Merek sepeda yang sering dipakai di Indonesia

Sepeda Phoenix : Made In China

Sedangkan beberapa merek – merek yang terkenal di Dunia
-Santa Cruz
-Diamond Back
-Gary Fisher
-Rocky Mountain

Merek – Merek Sepeda Seluruh Dunia

A-bike – UK
Abici – Italy
Accell – Dutch, owns Hercules, Staiger, Winora, Tunturi, Lapierre, Mercier, Atala, Batavus, Loekie, Koga-Miyata, and Sparta B.V.
Adler – Germany (defunct)
AIST – Belarus
ALAN – Italy
Alcyon – France (defunct)
Alldays & Onions – UK (defunct)
American Bicycle Company – USA (defunct)
American Eagle – USA (defunct, original name of Nishiki)
American Machine and Foundry – USA (widely known as AMF) (defunct), formerly owned -Roadmaster.
American Star Bicycle – USA (defunct) manufactured by the H. B. Smith Machine Company
Aprilia – Italy (Started as a bicycle manufacturing unit at Noale, Italy but now manufactures Scooters and Motorcycles)
Argon 18 – Canada
Ariel – England (defunct)
Atala – Italy
Author – Czech Republic
Avanti – New Zealand

Baltik vairas – Lithuania
Basso – Italy
Batavus – Netherlands
Battaglin – Italy
Benotto – Italy, México, Venezuela
Berlin & Racycle Manufacturing Company – Canada (defunct)
BH – Spain
Bianchi – Italy
Bickerton – UK (folding bikes)
Bike Friday – USA (Green Gear Cycling Co.) (folding bikes)
Bilenky – USA
Biomega – Denmark
Birdy – Germany (folding bikes)
BMC – Switzerland
Boardman Bikes – UK
Bohemian Bicycles – USA
Bontrager – USA (bought by Trek and converted into a component brand)
Bootie – UK
Bottecchia – Italy
Bradbury – UK (defunct)
Brasil & Movimento – Brazil (Branded as Sundown)
Brennabor – Germany (defunct)
Bridgestone – Japan
British Eagle – UK
Brodie Bicycles – Canada
Brompton Bicycle – UK (folding bikes)
Brunswick – USA, formerly owned Roadmaster
BSA – UK, no longer builds bicycles, TI of India builds BSA branded bikes.
Burley Design – USA (no longer make bicycles)

Calcott Brothers – UK (defunct)
Calfee Design – USA
Caloi – Brazil
Campion Cycle Company – UK
Cannondale – USA
Canyon bicycles – Germany
Carrera bicycles – UK (produced by Merida Bikes)
Catrike – USA (Recumbent)
CCM – Canada
Centurion – Japan
Cervélo – Canada
Chater-Lea – UK
Chicago Bicycle Company – USA (defunct)
Cilo – Switzerland
Cinelli – Italy
Clark-Kent – USA (defunct)
Claud Butler – UK
Clément – France (defunct)
Co-Motion Cycles – USA
Coker – USA
Colnago – Italy
Columbia Bicycles – USA
Corima – France
Cortina Cycles – USA
Coventry-Eagle- UK (defunct – see Falcon Cycles)
Cube – Germany
Currys – UK, no longer makes bicycles
Cycle Force Group – USA
Cycles Devinci – Canada
Cycleuropa Group – Sweden, manufactures such brands as: Bianchi, Crescent, DBS, Everton, Gitane, Kildemoes, Legnano, Micmo, Monark, Puch, Spectra, and Cyclepro.
Cyfac – France

Dahon – USA / China
Dawes Cycles – UK
Dean – USA
Demorest – USA (restructured as Lycoming Foundry and Machine Company and discontinued bicycle manufacturing)
Defiance Cycle Company
Den Beste Sykkel Better known as DBS – Norway
Derby Cycle – Germany, owns Kalkhoff, Focus, Nishiki, Rixe, Raleigh and Univega
De Rosa – Italy
Cycles Devinci – Canada (not to be confused with daVinci Designs of USA, who make tandems.)
Di Blasi Industriale – Italy
Diamant – Norway. Unrelated brand of same name from Germany, owned by Trek
Diamondback Bicycles – USA
Dolan Bikes – UK
Dorel Industries – Canada, owns Pacific Cycle and markets under brand names including Cannondale, Iron Horse, Schwinn, Mongoose, Roadmaster, and GT.
Dunelt – UK (defunct)
Dynacraft – USA, owns Magna and Next

Eagle Bicycle Manufacturing Company – USA (defunct)
Eddy Merckx Cycles – Belgium
Electra Bicycle Company – USA (Owned by Trek Bicycle Company)
Ellis Briggs – UK
Ellsworth Handcrafted Bicycles – USA
Emilio Bozzi – Italy (acquired by Bianchi)
Enigma Titanium – UK
Excelsior – UK (defunct)

Falcon Cycles – UK
Fat City Cycles – USA (defunct)
Felt – USA
Fleetwing -USA (defunct)
Flying Pigeon – China
Flying Scot – Scotland
Focus Bikes – Germany. Part of Derby Cycle
Cycles Follis – France (defunct)
Folmer & Schwing – USA (defunct)
Fondriest – Italy
Fram – Sweden (defunct)
Freddie Grubb – UK
Fuji – USA (owned by Advanced Sports, Inc.)
Fyxation – USA

Gary Fisher – USA (owned by TREK)
Gazelle – Netherlands
Gendron Bicycles – USA
Genesis – UK
Gepida – Hungary
Ghost Bikes – Germany
Giant Manufacturing – Taiwan
Gimson – Spain (defunct)
Gitane – France
Gladiator Cycle Company – France (defunct)
Gnome et Rhône – France (defunct)
Gocycle – UK
Gormully & Jeffery – USA (defunct)
Gräf & Stift – Austria (defunct)
GT Bicycles – USA
Guerciotti – Italy
Gunnar – USA

Harley-Davidson – USA, 1917-1923.
Haro Bikes – USA, owns the Masi brand.
Harry Quinn – UK (defunct)
Hase bikes – Germany
Head – Norway, managed by SykkelSport Engros
Heinkel – Germany (defunct)
Helkama – Finland
Henley Bicycle Works – USA (defunct)
Hercules – UK (defunct)
Hercules – Germany
Hero Cycles Ltd – India
René Herse – France
Hetchins – UK
Hillman – UK (defunct)
Hoffman BMX Bikes
Hoffmann – Germany (defunct)
Holdsworth – UK
Huffy – USA
Humber – UK (defunct)
Hurtu – France (defunct)
Husqvarna – Sweden (no longer a bicycle manufacturer)

Ibis – USA
Ideal Bikes – Greece
Indian – USA (bought by Polaris)
IFA – East Germany (defunct)
Independent Fabrication – USA
Iride – Italy
Iron Horse Bicycles – USA (Owned by Dorel)
Islabikes – UK
Italvega – USA (defunct) Precursor to Univega
Itera – Sweden (defunct)
Ivel Cycle Works – UK (defunct)
Iver Johnson – USA (defunct)
Iverson – USA (defunct)
Intense – USA

Jan Janssen – The Netherlands
JMC Bicycles – USA (defunct)
Jamis Bicycles- USA

Kalkhoff – Germany
Kangaroo – UK
Karbon Kinetics Limited – UK
K2 Sports – USA
Kent – USA
Kestrel USA – USA (owned by Advanced Sports International)
Kettler – Germany
KHS – Taiwan and USA
Kia – ROK, no longer produces bicycles
Kinesis Industry – Taiwan and USA, Kenesis produces its own bikes as well as brands manufactured by Kinesis include Diamondback Bicycles, Felt Bicycles, GT Bicycles, Schwinn, Jamis, K2, Raleigh, Trek, and Kona
Klein – USA (Discontinued brand owned by Trek)
Koga Miyata – Holland
Kogswell Cycles – USA
Kona – USA
Kronan – Sweden
Kross – Poland
KTM – Austria
Kuota – Italy
Kuwahara – Japan (Okinawa), is/was a private label bike manufacturer

Laurin & Klement – Austria-Hungary/Czech republic
Lapierre – France
LeMond – USA (Discontinued brand owned by Trek)
Alexander Leutner & Co. — Russia (defunct)
Litespeed – USA
Look – France
Louison Bobet – France (defunct)
Lotus, USA (defunct)

Magna – USA
Malvern Star – Australia
Marin Bikes – USA
Masi Bicycles – USA
Matchless – UK (defunct)
Matra – France
Melon Bicycles – USA
Mercian Cycles – UK
Merida Bikes – Taiwan
Merlin – USA
Merckx – Belgium
Miele bicycles – Canada
Milwaukee Bicycle Co. – USA
Minerva – Belgium (defunct)
Miyata – Japan
Mochet – France (defunct)
Monark – Sweden/Brazil/Peru
Mondia – Switzerland
Mongoose – USA
Montague – USA
Moots Cycles – CO, USA
Mosso – Taiwan
Moser Cicli – Italy
Motobécane – France
Moulton – UK
Mountain Equipment Co-op – Canada
Murray – USA
Muddy Fox – UK (other brand: Silver Fox)

Nagasawa – Japan
National – Japan, precursor to Panasonic
Neil Pryde – Hong Kong
Neobike – Taiwan
Nishiki – U.S. brand
Norco – Canada
Norman Cycles – UK (defunct)
Novara – USA
NSU – Germany
Nymanbolagen – Sweden

Olmo – Italy
Opel – Germany (no longer makes bicycles)
Orange Mountain Bikes – UK
Orbea – Spain
Órbita – Portugal
Orient Bikes – Greece

Polygon – Indonesia
Pacific Cycle – USA, was acquired by Dorel Industries in 2004. Owns GT, Mongoose, Murray, Roadmaster, and Schwinn brands
Pacific Cycles – ROC, owns Birdy,
Panasonic – Japan, successor to National
Pashley Cycles – UK
Pedersen bicycle – UK
Peugeot – France
Phillips Cycles – UK
Phoenix – China
Pierce Cycle Company – USA (defunct)
Pinarello – Italy
Planet X Bikes – UK, On-One, Titus, Planet X
Pocket Bicycles – USA
Pogliaghi – Italy
Pope Manufacturing Company – USA (defunct)
Premier – UK (defunct)
Procycle Group – Canada, owns the Rocky Mountain Bicycles, Miele, also owns but not longer produces the Oryx, Mikado, VeloSport, Balfa, CCM, Peugeot brands.
Prophete – Germany
Puch – Austria

Quadrant Cycle Company – UK (defunct)
Quality – USA and Taiwan, owns Salsa Cycles and Surly Bikes.
Quintana Roo – USA

R+E Cycles – USA
Radio Flyer – USA
Radon Bikes – Germany
Rabasa Cycles – Spain
Raleigh – UK. Part of Derby Cycle
Rambler – USA (defunct), made by Gormully & Jeffery
Rans Designs – USA
Razor – USA
Redline bicycles – USA
Rhoades Car – USA (quadracycles)
Ridgeback – UK
Ridley – Belgium
Riese und Müller – Germany
RIH – Netherlands
Riley Cycle Company – UK (defunct)
Rivendell Bicycle Works – USA
Roadmaster – USA
Roberts Cycles – UK
Robin Hood – UK
Rocky Mountain Bicycles – Canada
Romet – Poland – A brand from the company Arkus & Romet Group
ROSE Bikes – Germany
Ross – USA
Rover Company – UK
Rowbike – USA
Rudge-Whitworth – UK

Samchuly – Korea
Santa Cruz Bikes – USA
Santana Cycles – USA (only makes tandem bicycles)
Saracen Cycles – UK
Scania – Sweden (no longer makes bicycles)
Schwinn Bicycle Company – USA
SCOTT Sports – Switzerland
Serotta – USA
Seven Cycles – USA
Shelby Cycle Company – USA (defunct)
Shimano – JAPAN
Simson – Germany (acquired by Industrieverband Fahrzeugbau, now defunct)
Sinclair Research – UK
Singer – UK (defunct)
Sohrab – Pakistan
Solé Bicycle Co. – USA
Solex – France (defunct)
Solifer – Finland
SOMA Fabrications – USA
Somec – Italy
Sparta B.V. – Dutch
Specialized – USA
Speedwell bicycles – Australia (defunct)
Star Cycle Company – UK
Stearns – USA (defunct)
Stelber Cycle Corp – USA
Stella – France
Sterling Bicycle Co. – USA
Steyr – Austria (defunct)
Storck – Germany
Strida – UK
Sun Cycle & Fittings Co. – UK (defunct)
Sunbeam – UK (defunct)
Surly Bikes – USA
Suzuki – Japan
Swift Folder – USA
Swing Bike – USA (defunct)

Tern – Taiwan
Terrot – France (defunct)
Thomas – USA (defunct)
Thorn Cycles – UK
Time – France
Titus – USA (defunct, since absorbed into Planet X Bikes)
Tube Investments – UK (owned British Cycle Corporation) No longer manufacturers bicycles
Torker – USA
Transition Bikes – USA
Trek Bicycle Corporation – USA, also Klein Bikes, LeMond Racing Cycles (both discontinued) and Gary Fisher Bikes
Triumph Cycle – UK (Owned by Raleigh Bicycle Company)
Triumph (TWN) – Germany
Tunturi – Finland
Turner Suspension Bicycles – USA

United – Indonesia
UMF (United Merida Freeriders) – Taiwan. Owned by Merida Bikes
Univega – US. Part of Derby Cycle
Urago – France (defunct)

Valdora – USA
Van Dessel Sports – USA
Velomotors – Russia
VéloSoleX – France (Velosolex America markets the VELOSOLEX worldwide.)
Velo Vie – USA
Victoria – Germany
Villiger – Switzerland, part of Trek
Villy Customs – USA
Vindec – UK
Vitus – France
Volagi – USA

Wimcycle – Indonesia
Wanderer – Germany (defunct)
Waterford Precision Cycles – USA,
Whippet – UK
Wilderness Trail Bikes – USA
Wilier Triestina – Italy
Witcomb Cycles – UK
Worksman Cycles – USA, also imports Atlantic Coast Cruiser brand.
Wright Cycle Company – USA (defunct)

Xootr – USA

Yamaguchi Bicycles – USA
Yamaha – Japan
Yeti Cycles – USA

Zigo – USA

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